Microcurrent refers to the waves of electric current that our own cells naturally generate. The current or frequency is so small that it is measured in one millionth of an amp (microamperage μA). This electricity runs sub sensory, meaning it is so faint that it does not stimulate our sensory nerves and cannot be felt.

Microcurrent Body Therapy

When our body experiences injury, trauma or a hormonal imbalance (pregnancy, menopause, aging), our natural flow of bioelectric frequency becomes disrupted. It's like a cellular power outage. Those cells of the injured area lose their ability to conduct electricity and communicate effectively with the rest of the body, ensuing tissue damage, pain, inflammation, skin atrophy, and the impedance of countless biologic processes.

Microcurrent Body Therapy, also known as MENS (Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation), is a physiological electric modality used to naturally and safely stimulate soft tissue resulting in cell growth, renewal, and repair. At Pacific Wave Microcurrent, we place electrode pads on the chosen area of skin, applying electrical impulses that mirror the same current your own cells naturally produce. 

We are essentially stimulating and increasing your body's own natural healing process. In fact, microcurrent therapy can relieve pain, regenerate injured tissue, decrease inflammation, increase ATP production and protein synthesis, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Additionally, there are aesthetic benefits as microcurrent is known for its ability to build and tone muscle while sculpting the body. It can tighten and lift sagging skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite, scarring, and stretch marks.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Much the way we each have a unique fingerprint, we also have a specific frequency of electric waves flowing through our entire body. In fact, each tissue in the body has individualized frequencies. To put this concept into perspective, consider how the frequencies and vibrations of light and sound waves are responsible for varying colors of light and notes of music. The brain generates these specific frequencies, also known as nerve impulses or action potentials, in order to communicate with the nervous system, affecting everything from muscle contraction, blood circulation, metabolism, digestion, lymphatic drainage to so much more.

When an injury or stress occurs, the affected tissue takes on a different vibration, blocking communication with the brain. FSM "specifically" matches the frequency of the disrupted tissue, and in effect, neutralizes the unnatural frequency of that tissue. We are able to restore the normal exchange between the brain and affected tissue, allowing for homeostasis.

Microcurrent & ATP  


ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a high-energy molecule that resides in every single cell of our body. It is considered to be our "molecular currency" or "current of life" as it directly transfers all of the energy we need for every biological process. This consists of everything from healing and regeneration to neurotransmission to fighting off infection, hormone regulation to digestion, and most notably, muscle contraction. ATP is our power house, our internal sun, our energizer battery. Without it, we simply would not function.

Here's the exciting news...muscle contraction produces more ATP! It may seem arduous that we need ATP in order for our muscles to contract, only to produce the same molecule. When our muscles contract, we generate twice as much ATP as we used in the first place. Even more, muscle contraction produces another molecule (NADH) that enables your body to store higher amounts of ATP. This is why results are cumulative and improve as a series of treatments progresses. 

Microcurrent Therapy has been proven to stimulate ATP production by as much as 500%! This spark in ATP synthesis is more powerful than anything else known to date, making microcurrent beneficial and vital for your entire body.